Monday, April 28, 2008

The Golden Age of Summerville

Not only did I spend most of Saturday at the air show, but I even spent quite a bit of time photographing the Golden Age of Summerville Festival on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

This is the front steps of the Linwood Bed & Breakfast.

Woodlands Inn & Resort

A gazebo? at the Flowertown Bed & Breakfast.

the Pink Dolphin

Visitors deciding where to go next.

Jerry Crotty explains what's on tap for the weekend.

This couple enjoys the food at the Summer House, site of the Gala.

And the band played on......

Kelly & Kirk Lax

Jan Freeman's on the right

The lovely Shrimp & Grits Girls

Jenny Horne

the Pink Room at the Pink Dolphin

That's a Japanese Maple

The sun room at Woodlands

Inside the Linwood

This Whole House

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Randi said...

Daddy, I really love the picture in the garden, looking through the gazebo-thingy. Can I get a 8X10 of that for my bday for my house? I love it! Also, call me so we can talk about the save-the-date postcards. Love you!