Sunday, April 27, 2008

Air Show Saturday

Wow! What an airshow...something for everyone, including high performance jets, propeller driven biplanes, helicopters, and yes....even people "crazy" enough to jump out of airplanes. The little boy above was so excited, he ignored his mom while she tried to get a picture of him on his granddad's shoulders. The F-22 Raptor (below) was the most anticipated aerial performance of the day. It did not disappoint.

The stealth shape of the F-22 is apparent in the image below.

The Boeing 747 Dreamlifter was also a big hit, not only for its unique shape, but because of its size....hundreds of people could shelter themselves from the Sun by standing underneath its huge fuselage and wings. When the shadows moved, the people moved.

The tail of the Dreamlifter opens so sections of the Boeing 787 can be loaded and flown to Seattle, Washington for assembly.

The boys below were determined to lift the nose of this C-130 Hercules.

This P-51 Mustang (below) peforms a low pass.

The Thunderbirds' famous diamond formation.
Four planes to the left........and one to the right.

The Thunderbirds and their delta pass.

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