Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sanders Family at Wild Dunes

The Sanders family has to have been one of my most favorite customers over the years. Not only did I have the pleasure of photographing all three daughter's weddings, but they were three of the most enjoyable events I have ever covered. Each wedding took place at St. Mary's Catholic Church in downtown Charleston, but each reception was at a different location. Stephanie's was at the Old Exchange Building. Mindy's was at the Hibernian Hall and Alison's was the Mill's House Hotel. All were very classy and fun events.

The three Sanders' daughters, Alison, Stephanie and Mindy. (from left)

Sculpture in the South (coming soon)

Friday, May 16, 2008


This is Christi. Her mom Gail was one of my first customers back in the very early '80s. We did some fashion photography in Summerville, Charleston and Sullivan's Island. I also photographed her wedding in 1986, I believe.

Anyway.....her daughter Christi is following in her footsteps and needed to update her headshots. Here is a sample.

Helicopter rides at the Yorktown

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunset at Lake Moultrie...Short Stay

Both the shot above and below were taken with a 10-22mm lens.

Shot with the 28-135mm lens.

Shot with my 75-300mm lens, hand held.

Wildlife at Short Stay

The sea gull above kept an eye on me and made sure I didn't get too close.

Baby geese (below) were everywhere, as well as their droppings.....

The "beach" at Short Stay was closed due to alligator reports. This eight foot guy was captured, medicated and then gift wrapped so he could be relocated to a safer location.

Today's quiz, if you "could" count the teeth in an alligator's mouth, how many would there be?

Elizabeth & Dustin's Wedding 5/10/2008

Dustin's parents, Marty & Theresa Gavin (above) , found humor in one of the younger wedding guests. Elizabeth's sister Lynn (below), fans herself to stay cool.

Elizabeth and her mom hug one more time before leaving for the beach.

Dustin's mom and her three daughters, Julianne, Tara & Erin (from left)

Three generations dance together.

Kaitlyn catches sight of the wedding cake.

After the formal portraits, Dustin and Elizabeth spent a few moments getting their feet wet.

Smiling to the camera, Elizabeth and Dustin make their way to the receiving line.

Yours truly at work.....

Lynn shot this photo at the exact moment I shot mine. Great timing for her. Now I need to find my photo to see if she may be visible. I will post photos from Elizabeth & Dustin's wedding soon, after we go through the hundreds of images taken......

Elizabeth & Dustin's Rehearsal Party

Elizabeth with her bridesmaids, soon to be mother-in-law, sister (maybe) and sister-in-laws. From left to right: Elizabeth, Lynn, Tara, Theresa Gavin, Julianne & Erin


Dustin's dad, Marty

Mrs. Fishel & Mrs. Gavin, the two moms.

My new friend Sean, stays hydrated by balancing a bottle of purified water.

Dustin and his dad, Marty

Three extra "groomsmen" prepare for tomorrow's wedding. Everyone will be dressed in white, the duck's outfits come complete with tails.

Elizabeth and Trish

Dustin and Kaitlyn

Elizabeth & Dustin had their rehearsal dinner at Short Stay near Moncks Corner. Here is a portrait of them at sunset.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Herons at Brosnan Forest

Brosnan Forest is located near Dorchester, SC off of US Highway 78

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This Bud's for you......

The rose bushes in the front yard are now full of blooms. This is such a nice time of year, but the hot weather is just around the corner, I'm sure.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Horne Realty

Horne Realty moved their offices over to South Main St. from South Magnolia Ave. Welcome! Here is a photo of Jenny at her new desk.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Friday Night BBQ

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham hosted a BBQ at the Summerville VFW. Henry Brown was also in attendance.