Monday, November 12, 2007

Don, Mel & Co. LLC at Riverfront Park

After seven years I finally saw Don Brewer and Mel Schacher's version of Grand Funk Railroad. First of all, great band but.............they sorely miss Mark Farner. This band had no charisma, no energy. Don Brewer, excellent. Mel Schacher, excellent. But guys....move around a little. Bruce Kulick, an excellent musician, but he lacks (there's that word again) charisma. Max Carl should stick to singing 38 Special songs, because he can't even approach the voice that made so many Grand Funk songs, Grand Funk. He, along with the rest of the band did show, in my opinion, great respect, when they performed, Grand Funk's greatest song, "I'm Your Captain". They played it as it should have been played, but again, they miss the vocals, the guitar, and the on stage presence of Mark Farner. Mark, Don and Mel, are the true and ONLY Grand Funk Railroad.

You can see more photos at:
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Cruizinsuezin said...

I can hear the disappointment in your words regarding the performance of the two-thirds band (Mel & Don)posing as Grand Funk Railroad. Few people know how that name was Railroaded away from the singer/songwriter/showman Mark Farner.

Though they(Mel & Don) legally hold the trade name...It's very sad that these two guys, part of the once powerful LOCOMOTIVE forgot their MOTIVE and just went LOCO as they voted Mark Farner out of the band. It's bizarre for anyone to believe this musical lineup (3 hired to try to replace one Farner)does better without Mark Farner as stated by the drummer and GFR LLC President Don.

It's us fans that lose. And I feel bad for the unsuspecting fans that don't know this is a Mark Farner Tribute Band that owns the name. And that the lead voice, guitar and showman that wrote most of the songs won't be part of the show. Instead, for most lead vocals there STANDS a hired gun that may be part of a plan to fool you that he's Mark Farner. HA! Very sad.

On a happier musical note...Mark Farner is setting audiences On Fire with his music! And he does it the way his music should be played... by him!!! It's N'rrrrGeee (N'rG) coming at ya from the stage! Stays with ya a good long time too! A real band I've come to know as The Real Deal of Funk! Let the music do the talking...Sights and sounds on YouTube and will show the truth.

Without Mark Farner...Grand Funk Railroad has permanently "Left the Building"

grand trunk said...

Max Carl is no Mark Farner...