Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Most blogs are actually diaries....

But not mine......this blog will give everyone an idea of what I do on a daily basis, photographically. I will post images and maybe even tell a little about them. As most of you know, I carry my camera just about everywhere I go. You never know when something interesting will happen, or you see something that you just have to have a photo of. I am a very visual person, always have been. I actually picked up a camera and took some photos, when I was about 3 years old. My parents and brothers took a Sunday afternoon drive to Magnolia Gardens. Being a normal 3 year old kid, I picked up my Dad's camera (when he wasn't looking of course) and proceeded to take a half a dozen black and white pictures of who knows what. My dad scolded me, but the damage was already done. I was given a Kodak 126 camera in high school, but I wanted something that took better quality photographs. I was very interested in the U.S. Space Program and the Apollo Moon Missions. The Apollo astronauts used 6x6 square format Hassleblads for their photography on the lunar surface. I was fascinated by the quality of the pictures. Plus, the square format was so cool! I knew then that photography would play a large part of my life. I almost went into the Air Force to learn photography. My father was retired Air Force, and he always took us out to the base to watch the jets fly. I was sure shooting photographs of military jets was what I wanted to do, but when the Air Force recruiter told me he couldn't guarantee the photography program, I backed out. I was just 15 seconds from signing on the dotted line.
For someone who said this would be just a "photo blog", I sure did ramble on. Anyway, check back often. I'll try to keep you interested with my photographic creations.

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